Refresher training courses

Keeping up with all the latest food safety information can be a lot. Let alone distributing that information to your team and ensuring they retain it. When conducting Operation Comeback Kid, we heard feedback about how overextended our members are and how training is a specific pain point. Our solution – free refresher training! 

DFA is excited to announce that beginning in July, we will host monthly refresher training for all DFA members. Each course will be two hours long and cover many useful topics like the ones discussed during production tailgates. 

“We are launching these refresher courses to respond to the feedback received from our members. Knowledge retention is a gap. You send a member of your team off to attend a two-day training, but when they come back to the facility, it can be hard to retain and build on that new information. Our refresher training will close that gap,” explains Hillari Bynum, Director of Marketing and lead on the Operation Comeback Kid initiative. Over the next few months, we will continue adding new member-only courses to the schedule on various topics based on that feedback. 

Our first refresher course is on July 29th: How to Ready your Facility for Peak Season

How it works

  • 2 Hour virtual course You can attend from the comfort of your home or office. Our courses are hosted via Zoom. Let us know if you need help setting this up before the course.
  • Free for members to attend – These refresher training courses are MEMBER ONLY events and are free for all members to attend.
  • Bring as many staff members as you’d like –  Unlike public courses (where you can bring two staff per course), you can register as many team members as you want for each course. If you have a training center at your facility, you can even put the course on the big screen and have your whole staff watch live.
  • Get your questions answered – The whole point of these courses is to help you, our members. There are no stupid questions.
  • Access recordings via on-demand library – If you cannot attend live or can’t take notes quickly enough, we will create an online library where you can access the recordings.