The DFA of California Announces
“A New Day for DFA”

SACRAMENTO, California, May 11th, 2022 — DFA of California announces a new chapter in the organization’s history, known as “A New Day for DFA.” This next chapter will provide members and customers with new benefits and services and a new Laboratory Information System (LIMS) starting July 2022.

“DFA is ushering in a new era of member service. We’ve completely restructured our member benefits to meet the moment our industry is facing. The new benefits will help our members save money, save time, and build a stronger community”, explains Hillari Bynum, Director of Marketing at Safe Food Alliance.

Starting in July, the DFA will release new member benefits, including but not limited to, free food safety training and professional development services. DFA has prioritized improving inspection services that are the foundation of the 114-year-old institution. It has also committed to developing a new partner program for service providers in the food manufacturing industry.

In addition to new DFA member benefits, Safe Food Alliance, will release a new LIMS system to all current lab clients. “We are so excited about the new LIMS coming online. Our team has been working diligently to fulfill the needs of the evolving industry by creating a custom system that will make it easier to read reports, give our clients new reporting methods, and provide more efficient ways to track and complete samples with the highest precision and accuracy,” explains Joseph Nichols, Director of Client Relations, and lead on the project.

The new LIMS system uses the StarLIMS technology to provide all laboratory clients with improved features, including new customizable Certificates of Analysis Reports, and a new and enhanced sample submission process. This new cloud-based system will allow customers to view the real-time status of sample submission and activity.

About The DFA and Safe Food Alliance 

DFA of California, established in 1908, offers technical services to growers, packers, processors, and food manufacturers to aid in their efforts to maintain the highest standards in food safety and quality. The heritage company provides commodity inspection, the Red Seal Program, and the Export Trading Company to food producers.

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